Lorenza Franzoni

author of animated objects and actress in her own words


Performing indifferently on official stages, in steet theatres or in art performances. Besides it is just the contamination among the theatrical genres and the techniques which she uses, the element which makes her work unique. So she is puppet master but also puppet: the collaborators of Obraztsov called her “ a little wood woman” when they watched one of her cabaret in Moscow. Lorenza Franzoni is intringuing person just for her difficult location, she conceives, develops and realizes her participations also producing postacards, stamps, posters made with collages, mixed techniques. As in a kind of laboratory of the developing identity, these works are subjects to a continuous evolution and modification, fallowing the idea of mutation and the principe  of the difference of identity. Her performances are ironic “collections” of variations which amaze and surprise, such as her lesson-performances or her original workshops for teenagers. From 1989 Lorenza Franzoni works togheter  with  the comics actresses and poetesses of Riso Rosa- projects on the women’s comic quality. In 1997 she founded the Teatro nei/dei Quartieri, a kind of theatre which operates in the suburbs of her (?) town to explore the social intelligence by creating events and collective productions. In 2005, to fight  asocial town planning, she founded the City Partisans, a group whose main activity is that of  permanent cultural guerrilla warfare against reinforced concrete. She is part of the collective tutteledirezioni and Fragili Guerriere, poetic art project. 
She was awarded prizes thanks to the original funniness of her works on the occasion of the Festival Internazionale dei Burattini e delled Figure in Cervia and of the Festival di Cabaret in Lerici, and she was also representative in several festival in Italy and in Europe.