Lorenza Franzoni

author of animated objects and actress in her own words


A show dedicated to all languages: those that we keep framed among the teeth and that become motor of the taste, and those that travel on sound waves. It is a convivial show, a both strange and well-founded travel, from head to food and from the North to the South Pole.


It takes three pieces of cloth, a little black dress and high heels, to illustrate more than a century of history and fashion.


New music in politics. An event that changes each time, as a rally to urge everyone to be elected and assume their democratic responsibility.


Society, politics, religion and feelings: everything you do not know of thing. Important revelations about the common life that objects carry in our pockets, hidden in boxes, on shelves in the bayhroom and everywhere..

AUZ has won! What is left?

At school they teach you that AUZ has lost, but it has won: it has become common sense everywhere, it is shown a san example of order, cleanliness and productive efficiency. Auz has won, but an object is enough to overwhelm us, a clue of something that is unbearably like us and that suddenly seems to summarise the world and save it……till nex time.


Imprinting family is recognized in politics, religion and economic systems around the world, the underworld is organized as a family, it is called clan.


Venus made of Chizza

Our body and us: a love story started as cohabitation with the stranger we wear. An odd tour around the world and when we dig the ground it gives us back everywhere turgid Venuses.

COSE COSÍ. A small museum of Touring pappmachè

From Lorenza Franzoni’s cabinet of curiosities: naturalia (natural stuff), artificialia (artificial stuff) and cianfrusaglia (jumbles). A tour of amazing objects,everytime sorted and matched following feelings that can be unique.

Celebrations and Freedom, a guided tour to “moved people”

A carousel of stories, a kaleidoscope of images, a wandering caravan of artists, musicians and curious to discover a "moved people" of whom we know nothing.


with Clelia Sedda

Science and patience

Gurgling and Prejudice

Remember that it is imperative to have in the pantry RISO ROSA